Manufacturing and selling new electrolyzed water equipment / Electrolysis technology consulting service /
Selling of hydrogen and oxygen generators and operating the hydrogen salon in Hachinohe city, Aomori prefecture, JAPAN

Company Profile

Company Name

Rtec Corporation


Shinichi Ruike 


1F/Office R, 2-18-8 Koyo, Hachinohe city, Aomori 031-0801 JAPAN


Tel: (+81)-178-51-9565      Skype 0178-51-9575
Fax: (+81)-178-51-9576     Email:


January 2016

Handling Business

Operation of food plant cleaning consulting

Sales of electrolyzed water and generator

Washing and cleaning service for factories (can support ISO and HACCP)

Outsourcing in general

Maintenance and management of ‘Leopalace 21’ 

Sales and maintenance of the air cleaner ‘Bio Micron’ 

Air conditioner cleaning service for business use

Our Bank

Aomori Bank

The number of employees

Permanent employees: 20 / All staff: 175 / Pickup shuttle: 2

Affiliated company

R-CAST Corporation

Associated company

Business Support Limited.

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January 2016

Established a new company RTec Corporation